Ok so I have taken my own sweet time doing this but only so I could find the pics of Milan’s latest especially for you. 

1. First up Versace! 

Have you her lately? (not a good look)

no comment!

Anyhu, on to more important things…her creations. The spring/summer collection is all about silver and pastels (and platform sandals) *swoon*. not being the tallest and skinniest in the world I’m not too sure how I could wear this but I will give it my twist! ( I will post up some pics and sketches soon). 


metallics rule

ooh la la


2. Dolce and Gabbana 

The duo broadcasted the show over tube so you can follow that at; 


the new collection was classic cut iconic pieces with a great shape/ They also threw in lace, exposed bra’s and corsets! curves are defo gonna arrive this summer. 



3. Bottega Veneta 

The focus here was around softly draped fabrics cinched in with a loose belt. (one again I feel should be left for model type physiques) Colours used were white and cream and had an aesthetic modern feel. This only made it on my list because I like draped fabrics and creating shapes that can be appreciated even without colours! 


doing drapes

darling dresses

next up on the chopping block is the French catwalk. Kanye, Amber and Chris Brown have all been strutting tooshes in France where iconic glamour and chic darling began! im hoping for exclusive styles as I look at what they have to offer!