Why do we admire celebrities soo much? what is it that we love about them? Is it the talent they have or the daring fashion sense that makes them unique? I’m sure that when we look at different celebs we think we see the real them, Wrong!

Some, may be extroverts and have a good sense of style but no more than the girl across the street who is always on point! Unfortunately, they have vocal coaches and personal trainers, not to mention a great stylist! this is what makes Celebs like Rihanna and Cheryl Cole stand out! If you don’t believe me, look back at the pics when they started out (boy have they come a loooong way).

Ok…maybe not as far as I would like but did you watch Popstars the rivals? Cheryl’s voice was jarring and now I feel like Rihanna puts on the ‘beijy twang’ when she wants to remind us that she’s not from America.

Here’s  some of those suggested tips that the pro’s think we can do to put ourselves on the same track as them (don’t force it though.. it has to be because you want it…just look at Mariah!)

1. Dress sharp- You wake up for work and your late and you just cant be bothered? yep, i do it most mornings but from here on out we should try and make that effort. Apparently, a well structured wardrobe will last years and stop all that primark clutter (you know what I’m talking about)

2. Walk faster

NO DRAGGING FEET!!! you will look like a loser and be taken as one. Therefore walk with purpose and everyone will think you are someone important!

3. Good posture

Could save you from saggy boobs anda hunch back but also it will make you feel self empowered. Mental note: stop working on bed and move to desk that as gathered dust.

4. motivational support

1.Get a positive mantra. 2. Only listen to peeps in your life on a positive mission (rid yourself of losers) 3. listen to that aunty that always sits you down for an hour to congratulate your life’s achievements and say that prayer with her that it will continue! Amen.

5. Gratitude

Instead of seeing the bad things in life, concentrate on all the good things. Yes your Mother/Father nag you constantly but at least you still have your parents. Think of the recent disaster in Haiti?

6. Complimenting others

Stop bitching about a chick when you know she really looks good and tell her! she will in return tell you something she likes about you. (I believe in Karma, and spreading negative energy will come back on you three-fold so just let it gooo…)

7. be up front

No one wants to be a kiss ass but sometimes showing initiative and being first on the scene can help you to get noticed and in the eye line of whoever you wish to be seen by i.e. Boss, teacher, possible BF.

8. Work out

Did some one just curse? NO. We all do say we are gonna make it to the gym but don’t. then we spend all that free time complaining about how so and so is just naturally thin and has the flattest stomach ever (are you in their room at 11pm when they are banging out them secret sit ups?) you can only concentrate on you and disregard what others want to tell you.

9. Contribute

“The more you give to the world the more you’ll be rewarded with personal success and recognition” again with the Karma thing! doing good things always brings it back to you! helping someone on your street may be seen by someone at work? doing more chores can bring more opportunities from your parents? you never know! If you  focus too much on yourself and not enough on the needs of everyone else around you (i.e. being self-centered), If we can stop thinking about ourselves and focus on the contribution you’re making to the rest of the world, you won’t have any time to worry as much about you own flaws and might even find that you like them as much as others do.

When it happens, something will just click (so I’m told)! all the above are trained skills that take time and practice! Don’t worry if you don’t always get it right, no one ever does…