I’ve noticed the recent scandal surrounding Cheryl Cole and her husband Ashley and find it hilarious that everyone else in the world seems to be losing faith in their marriage because Cheryl isn’t discussing her business with us and she is still holding onto what faith she has in the relationship. It just made me feel like being famous must be one of the hardest pressures a person can face.

It’s really wrong of us to be forcing our opinions on her like that, being in the public eye can really control your life. If she stays with him, we will all see her as a mug and disrespect everything she does from here on out, but if she leaves we can say, ‘Good on you girl!’.

None of us are gonna be there behind closed doors when she’s alone and coping with facing us (2 faced, turn on you in second so-called fans) for the rest of her lonely days. Would you leave your man who you had invested (yes INVESTED is the appropriate word) years of love and dedication and training to? I tell you now, I would really sit back and question my faith. Giving up would mean I had no faith…what wouldyou do?

PS. I think Cheryl’s latest single tells us to keep our beaks out: