One of this years hot trends is the ‘Tribal Print’ theme, what does that even mean? Being black I have grown up surrounded by these beautiful prints and a rich Afro Caribbean heritage that has led to me loving vibrant and boldly clashed colours. However, before the media said it was OK girls wearing these dresses were often ridiculed unless they wore them to same culture events (you know when you had to wear matching prints to the family wedding/funeral).

Who would have ever worn an African print to the Brits before Kenzo or Thakoon said it was HOT! I guess I should be pleased that my culture as finally been accepted by the European media but I still feel that this is a deliberate way of letting us know that as a culture we can not progress unless mainstream says its ‘OK’. Anyhu, that’s just my personal opinion, for what I feel is a true appreciation of African culture and main stream style, visit some of these sites: