What is the first thing we think about when you think about Paris? the Eiffel towel, the beautiful rivers, the shopping opportunities (esp. louby’s) or is it Kanye West and Amber Rose acting like fashion fools? I mean I know you are trying to be ‘fashion forward’ and ‘unique’ but please, is any of the following either. SMH



Any way (I digress), let us wonder back to the realm of real fashion and take a look at whats on the french catwalk.

1.Chanel has been doing the monochrome look (https://msboho.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/look-of-the-week/) the collection was described as young, light and flirtatious! it was all about that CC logo!


2. Lanvin=Embellishment + lots of fabric! the jumpsuit and asymmetrical dress is still a winning look and bright hues with lots of draping and cinched waists was everywhere! love it.


3. Chloe projected a more masculine collection for me with a lot of sporty pieces. Definitely think about investing in some good tailored pieces for your spring work collection (I feel this look is pushed out every year so only buy quality that will last a long time) ooh, also lots of those strappy sandals are back!!! (my bf hates them and calls them roman sandals but what does he know?)


4.Christian Dior for me saved the best for last!!! Skycraper heels ae still a must and wait for it….lingerie! Every boys fantasy. Dior still worked classic pieces like the trench but when paired with heels, lace briefs and metallics it became anything but boring. For this look i would say invest in lace vest, corset bodice and a shiny trench. Lets go!