So peeps how disappointed are we that it is practically April and there is still no sign of the sun to be found? I am just hoping that it comes out in time for my birthday! 23 is an important age (don’t ask me why?). Any who Topshop are still tryna deceive us into preparing for ‘summer’ (a long and distant memory). Here’s their latest offering in the form of Harem pants.

I personally am not a fan, I bought a pair which sit idle waiting to be worn. To be honest I put them on and feel stupid! But I do have a tribal print jumpsuit version that is amazing!!!!

Anyway when wearing,add show stopping shoes, remember to cinch the waist with a belt to add curves. Choose an appropriate print or colour that doesn’t drown or make flaws extra obvious and be careful with the fit! Try before you buy!!!! Here’s some pics of how it should be done.