A basic rule of figure flattering clothing is to balance the proportions of tops and bottoms. Try choosing a fitted shirt or jacket to wear on top. Cute skirts can distract lower body flaws, but pairing them with long or baggy tops can make you look bigger than you actually are. Let the skirt be the main focal point of the outfit by choosing a pretty floral print or pattern.

Avoid matching tops with printed materials or stick to simple embellishments and pair it with a fitted top in a solid colour. For a more casual look, wear a solid colour fitted tank top with a cotton skirt. If your skirt is made of a dressier fabric, such as satin or brocade, add a silky camisole and a fitted evening jacket. Tres chic!

To keep your outfit from looking too overpowering, keep accessories to a minimum (unless you like that that look?). Bold, heavy jewellery paired with a fussy skirt can be distracting and make you appear like you’re wearing a costume instead of this season’s must have outfit. Shoes should extend the legs and make them look even longer, do this by wearing nudes and straps or tights that match the shoes (creating extension).

Finally, choose simple jewellery, such as stud earrings or a delicate necklace and let your skirt be the centre of attention a la Adrienne, Kim and Tamera.